Physical Intervention Training

Our intermediate qualification in physical intervention training is a one-day programme and will take operators in the security sector to a much higher level of competence than that endorsed by the SIA. Safety is paramount for everyone; this is emphasised at all junctures and will culminate in the application of restraint devices that can be utilised in most sectors.

  • Safe extractions
  • Dealing with extremely violent customers
  • Dealing with multiple attackers
  • Knife avoidance
  • Weapon awareness and response
  • ERB application
  • Soft cuff
  • Link cuff
  • Semi-rigid handcuff
  • Hiatt speed-cuff
  • Bean bag


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How much does it cost to get qualified?

This is a full day of training and while there are no physical prerequisites, we will require everyone to sign a medical statement on the day. The cost of this course is £148.00 inc VAT.

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