Close Protection
Operative Course

September 5th - 18th 2022

The security world in which the modern day Personal Protection Officer operates requires more than just ‘ticks in the right boxes’, it requires a professional who knows their job and who can act effectively without hesitation. Clients’ lives depend on professional skills, which they expect from their CPOs (bodyguards). Because of our experienced and professional trainers, our training facility is able to offer a 14 day course with content that far exceeds the minimum requirements of the BTEC Level 3 Personal Protection Operative Course / SIA approved course.

What you will get from us?

Crown Security Solutions deliver the SIA/Edexcel approved BTEC Level 3 Personal Protection Operative Course, providing the private security industry with professional operatives, trained to an exceptionally high standard, and equipping them with realistic, practical skills.

  • Introduction to the roles of the close protection operative
  • Threat and risk assessment
  • Surveillance awareness
  • Route selection
  • Topography
  • Operational planning
  • Law and legislation
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Close Protection team work
  • Reconnaissance
  • Close Protection foot techniques
  • Body cover techniques
  • Hand to hand combat – releases and breakaways
  • Hand to hand combat – multiple attackers, high density threats
  • Adrenalin-charged training drills


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How much does it cost to get qualified?

September 5th - 18th 2022

The cost of this course is still £2700.00 inc VAT.