Our personal protection teams across London are highly experienced in providing security to internationally identifiable individuals and organisations from media, film, music, sport, corporate and political backgrounds.

Crown Security Solutions London offer a personalised service to clients, ranging from low profile discreet security to high profile overt protection.

Our services are adaptable to any given situation, environment or location. Extensive operational experience allows the company’s professionals to apply the lessons learned in the protection of real people in real situations.

Residential Security

Crown Security Solutions’ residential security teams in London (RSTs) are made up of former members of the armed forces, the police and security specialists. Utilising their military training and experience, they provide a sound protection solution.

Ideally, prior to deployment for residential security, we would carry out a full security review and risk assessment. However, should circumstances dictate rapid deployment, a primary review and risk assessment would be carried out and acted upon; this would then be followed by a more in-depth report.

Protection of your London residence and your assets can be included as part of a London close protection security package, or as a stand-alone service. No-one should feel at risk or vulnerable in their own home, but unfortunately wealth or fame can attract a certain level of threat.


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4 day SIA Door Supervisor Training Course for the private security industry with Crown Security Solutions

The practical specialists

The specialist skill set and comprehensive practical knowledge mean that all operatives have both the expertise and the physical dexterity to manage any situation that may arise. All hold current medical qualifications.

Whether guarding a principal or providing security for high-value assets and HNW clients, we understand the importance of proactive planning, how to gather good intelligence and how to avoid conflict. Our high calibre personal protection operatives are all vetted and come with high recommendation references.