BedWatch service gets the thumbs up from Police

BedWatch service gets the thumbs up from Police

Our BedWatch service gets the thumbs up from Police, working in conjunction with Devon and Cornwall Police, is allowing police the time to get back on the streets more quickly, rather than spending time by the hospital beds of people who have been arrested, are vulnerable, or are dealing with mental health issues. Read more about the scheme’s success in this article…

Crown Security Solutions Limited has a reputation for intelligent planning and immediate response. The company has gained strong recognition for its integrity and high standards, both within the UK and in the Middle East.

Our client base includes local government, major corporations, leading hospitals and operators of entertainment and sporting events. Their trust is a measure of the exceptional service we provide.

We value quality above all else, which is why we can commit to providing a dedicated service whilst maintaining the flexibility to adapt to new challenges as they arise

The enhanced patient observation scheme has been developed in conjunction with the risk co-ordinator and clinical staff within the NHS.

Our BedWatch officers team work with the hospital’s violent patient scheme and the mental health liaison team to ensure staff, patients and visitors are safe and protected within the hospital.

Every patient is continually risk assessed to determine the most appropriate level of supervision for their needs.

We currently deliver various services at two NHS hospitals, 5 PCUs and a private international patient transfer facility.

Our commitment to training and our focus on problematic patients have been welcomed throughout the healthcare industry.

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