Asset Protection and Utility Sector Security

In the current climate building firms, development companies and utility companies are being targeted by thieves for items of value and this is costing companies and local governments millions as well as tying up valuable resources from an already stretched local constabulary.

Unfortunately this is now a common occurrence throughout the UK and it is our firm belief to be proactive and not reactive when it comes to securing your assets. Crown Security Solutions  will design a bespoke security plan to protect your bottom line and insurance premiums with guaranteed results.

CSS consultants have a wealth of experience in protecting high net worth sites and uses 3 methods to deter opportunists, Static Manned Guards, Mobile Patrols and Technical Surveillance.

Each site is different from the next so it is essential for a CSS consult to compete a full site survey which will be integrated into a site specific security management plan, threat analyst & Standard Operating Procedures.

Security can be an inconvenience and perceived expensive so CSS are happy to provide a cost analysis to highlight the effects of crime on our local business.




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