Venue Security

Crown Security Solutions specialise in providing security personal for the leisure industry, we have specialised consultants that will assess your venue and provide you with an accurate security profile of your business. CSS Directors have a combined 25 years’ experience in this sector and have provided services both in the UK and abroad for Resorts, Hotels, Pubs and Clubs.

Finding the right security operatives is paramount as we recognise that CSS security personal will normally be your first point of contact with your customers, so constant training  will take place on a regular basis to ensure the very best in customer service.

All CSS operatives have been trained in conflict management which is one step in being able to defuse any conflict and aggressive behaviour promoting a safe and enjoyable atmosphere and avoiding an escalation to violence.

The leisure industry  is a demanding and pressured industry with constant legislation and licensing change, we understand this and this is where our experience and completive pricing can help  take away some of the pressures of the current climate.




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